Marble has been used as part of construction projects since the ancient times. Some of the world’s most historic buildings were constructed from marble and these buildings still stand today. One such building is the Taj Mahal in India. This, of course, is an indication of its superior quality and endurance.

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Marble is one of the most versatile of all the natural stone types. Besides its construction purposes, it is also utilized for pharmaceutical, agricultural, and even cosmetic purposes. This material is extremely durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions, including rain, extreme cold and heat, making it perfect for outdoor applications.

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Natural stone pavers’ colours are brighter than those of synthetic materials and are sure to last longer without fading. Applying marble pavers to your outdoor living space will not only add aesthetic appeal to your property but may also increase the overall value of your residential or commercial property.

Being a natural stone, no two pavers will look exactly alike, but this is part of the marble pavers’ charm. Each paver will have its own veins and patterns, creating an overall distinguished look once installed.

Unique Vietnamese Marble Pavers From Viet Home Stone

Viet Home Stone – a member of Nhat Huy Group is the most trusted and reputed name in the field of manufacture & supply of paving stones. At our factory, all materials are selected from the best quarry in the middle region of Vietnam. We have 2 factories with a capacity of 60 containers/month and a total of more than 300 employees are working. We are so proud that Viet Home Stone has been a partner with thousand of customers for 17 years.

With our 17+ years of experience in the stone industry, we can provide you with unique color designs that you can only find in Vietnam. This can help you own unique designs, expand product lines for businesses to reach customers and increase sales by the end of 2021!   

The possibilities are endless when you have to choose your marble paver stones. Within our many marble paver systems, you’ll find variations of thicknesses, sizes, etc.

We also applied ISO 9001: 2015, done CE certificate, SGS certificate, and pass international audits for supermarket requests.

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1. Argento Marble

This is our main and the most traditional material. This material is very preferable in Australia, the USA and Thailand. Our capacity for this material is up to 30 containers per month.  

2. Stormy Grey

Grey is a color on-trend these years. Last year, we are the first one who has introduced this material to the international stone industry, immediately clients show their interest in it. This material would be your good chance because it is totally new to your market. The material has the most outstanding characteristic of marble that has very natural veins.

3. Crystal White

Beginning of the 21st century, Viet Nam was famous for white marble tiles which were been exported in thousands of containers per month to the Middle East. The beauty of this material is endless and now, we bring it closer to your swimming pool with the color of Crystal White.

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4. Frost White

Similar to Carrara marble from Italy, we have a white marble with some grey veins but the tone is warmer. After a long time used as the main color for mosaic and interior tiles, we started providing this for outdoor application, especially for pool surround.

5. Frog Skin

The material is formed by dark and big grains. Plus, it is the main part of multicolor stone so using this stone for pool, you will have the most natural look, but still in good color variation.

6. Rhino Marble

We always find new colors to expand our collection so that customers can have more options for their wholesales. Rhino Marble has been introduced for a few months to fulfill the empty space for the smoke grey color of the stone. Similar to Frogskin marble, this stone is one part of multicolor.

7. Ocean Grey

It is very hard to describe this color, but it is magical. You can not find a supplier that has this unique color except us. This material has just been available for 1 year. There is still a big chance to expand your collection by this color.

8. Pewter Grey

Pewter comes in soft and subtle blue-grey shades. The paving slab has an improved texture and finish. This material is becoming the ideal choice for the pool area.

9. Vietnamese Bluestone

Ancient Vietnamese used this stone for houses, roads, and yards thousands of years ago. The bluestone pavers are still very beautiful and in good texture until now, after thousands of years. 

These days, this material is even more popular because of its advantages that stable black color, strong textures, excellent color-change resistance.  

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