Some questions evaluating the potential level of a natural stone supplier

Regardless of the project, large or small, private or corporate, it is important to ensure that you are working with a trusted natural stone supplier. To help business customers find a trusted partner in the list of potential stone suppliers, here are some professional questions to keep in mind during the selection process.

1. What kind of experience does a natural stone supplier have in the stone industry?

In a competitive industry, the experience of a natural stone company is one of the important factors. A company that has decades of experience in manufacturing and exporting natural stone will build a reputation among their customers. This means that businesses can also enjoy the benefits of the good relationships this stone supplier has fostered with their business partners. Customers can be confident that they will be offered high quality products at great prices.

2. Does the natural stone supplier offer a wide range of products and services?

Find a natural stone supplier that offers your business a wide selection of products and can assist with installation advice. It would be easier if customers could find everything they need at only one stone supplier. This also means that businesses will also enjoy more economical prices for bulk orders.

3. Is the specialist knowledge and attitude of the customer service team professional?

A qualified natural stone supplier will have sales representatives and customer service specialists who can help customers determine the best natural stone to meet their use. They can also assist customers in estimating transportation and storage costs etc.

In addition, customers also need to pay attention to the time the stone supplier responds to your concerns – one of the factors that helps to complete your project on time. It can be a positive customer experience from a call, email, or first visit to a factory. A friendly and professional service makes it possible for any business project to achieve the most desired results.

4. Is there support for logistics services?

If you choose a foreign supplier of natural stone, you should research and discuss carefully the location of the office, the manufacturing plant, as well as the delivery service or shipping partners of that supplier. This factor is important because it will reduce the risk that the project will take longer due to barriers to cross-country transactions and delivery issues.

If conditions permit, the business representative can also book a flight to the country where the natural stone supplier’s office and factory are located to conduct a factory audit/vendor audit and confirm the signing of the contract.

5. Is the pricing policy attractive?

The price for natural stones used in residential or commercial real estate can be a concern, as it is not a small amount. However, with a reputable natural stone supplier, consulting businesses to invest in suitable products with economical packaging and shipping, your business will fully enjoy the price advantage.

Besides, here are also some important questions to ask a potential partner:

  • Who’re the clients you’re currently working for?
  • What are your minimum order requirements?
  • What are the payment terms? Is a deposit required?
  • Can the stone supplier handle the sourcing of materials?

With as much value as you place on your products, it’s vital that you find a good manufacturing facility. Doing your research and vetting potential manufacturers to find the vendor that’s right for you leads to a better product.

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