20 Years and Beyond- Witness the Transformation with Viet Home Stone

Beginning in Vietnam with calcium carbonate powder, Nhat Huy Group has grown significantly to evolve into a diversified business corporation with an extensive ecosystem. A prominent achievement for Nhat Huy is the creation of the Viet Home Stone brand and a natural stone factory, which excels in both product scale and quality. This has earned them recognition from both local and international customers.

The Road to Achieving Our Global Vision

Since the early days of establishment, Nhat Huy Group has been steadfast in our pursuit of becoming the world’s leading manufacturer in the global supply chain. To achieve this lofty goal and become a world-class corporation, we have recognized that industry and technology must be the driving force behind the creation of international brands. This commitment is not only significant for Nhat Huy, but also a mission to contribute to the future development of our country. With this in mind, Nhat Huy has carved a unique path by focusing on management and production improvements, while continuously expanding its reach.

Innovation has always been the driving force behind our group’s growth, from our first export orders to the industrial manufacturer we are today. Each day, we strive to progress and uphold the values that guide our business strategy. Through the journey of exploring the beauty of industrial production, Nhat Huy is working tirelessly to achieve its century-long dream.

Moving Forward with Continuous Improvement

Viet Home Stone, an outstanding member in the ecological chain of Nhat Huy Group, is dedicated to improving our systems for customers, ensuring outstanding performance and sustainability. Our factories and products have also undergone significant transformations due to changes in industrial management and production improvements. As part of our commitment to enhancing the customer experience and showcasing our professionalism as an international export brand, we have successfully completed the renovation of the sample display areas at our Hanoi office headquarters, surpassing expectations.

Thanks to the exceptional efforts of our construction team and the meticulous supervision of our professional personnel, we are proud to present a completely new look on our 20th anniversary. We are confident that this new design will leave a lasting impression and offer great satisfaction to our customers when they visit and experience our products and services at Nhat Huy Group and Viet Home Stone in the future.

Invest in Employee Training for Business Success

At Viet Home Stone, we greatly appreciate our employees and recognize their importance as a crucial asset. We prioritize the development of our staff by implementing comprehensive training policies that aim to enhance their knowledge and professional skills.

Our training programs go beyond simply improving employee qualifications. They are designed to equip every member with the necessary capabilities to effectively represent Viet Home Stone in any situation. Furthermore, our training system is aimed at contributing to the overall enhancement of the quality of human resources in Vietnamese enterprises.

Reputation that spans the world – Viet Home Stone

Viet Home Stone, a distinguished member of the Nhat Huy Group ecosystem, stands out with its ownership of two expansive factories spanning a total area of 60,000 square meters in Nghe An. With access to abundant input materials from reputable quarries and uninterrupted operations, we proudly maintain a proactive approach to sourcing raw materials and ensure self-sufficiency. Additionally, our extensive knowledge of production costs and our ability to offer competitive prices for plastic pellets further enhance our standing in the market. With a remarkable output capacity of 80 conts per month, we consistently meet the demands of our clientele.

Over the course of 20 years, Nhat Huy Group and Viet Home Stone have diligently crafted a brand and reputation within the industry. We continually seek improvement, devise new strategies, and prioritize research and development (R&D) to create designs of even higher quality than before. Leveraging our reputation, product excellence, and the unique attributes of natural stone, we are poised to secure sophisticated orders and tap into prominent markets such as the US and Europe in the future. Rest assured, Viet Home Stone is dedicated to becoming a leading brand in the research and development of the natural stone industry.