What is a BSCI Certificate and why should you care?

With a vision to become a leading Natural Stone manufacturer and exporter in the world, Viet Home Stone always strives for high performance in production. Recently, Viet Home Stone has achieved a significant milestone by obtaining the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) certificate.

What is BSCI certificate?

BSCI, or the Business Social Compliance Initiative, was introduced in 2003 by the Foreign Trade Association, now known as the Global Business Association for Sustainable Trade (Amfori). This initiative sets forth a comprehensive set of standards to evaluate compliance with social responsibility in business.

Designed for companies dedicated to bettering working conditions in factories and farms worldwide, BSCI strives to foster positive change and enhance the lives of workers across industries.

How did Viet Home Stone meet the criteria of BSCI certificate?

BSCI certification offers businesses a standardized Code of Conduct and an effective system to ensure social responsibility compliance across the entire supply chain. With a focus on using experienced and independent external assessment companies, the BSCI certification has gained a reputation for its prestige and reliability on a global scale.

Viet Home Stone’s attainment of this certification serves as a testament to our dedication to responsible business practices within society. Join us as we provide compelling evidence showcasing how Viet Home Stone has consistently met the criteria of the BSCI certificate.

Trustworthy commitment

By aligning ourselves with the BSCI commitment, Viet Home Stone demonstrates a strong dedication to enhancing the working conditions within our supply chain. We firmly believe in the value of our team members and prioritize their growth and development. Through our comprehensive training policies, we continuously strive to enhance their professional knowledge and expertise. At Viet Home Stone, we understand that human resources are essential and we consistently prioritize them as a core factor and valuable asset. Sustainable development and investing in our people are fundamental strategies in achieving our long-term vision.

Ensuring equity in the workplace

At Viet Home Stone, we prioritize fairness, equality, and continuous improvement among our employees. We believe in recognizing and rewarding their actual working capacity with appropriate pay. By providing comprehensive training and development opportunities, we enhance the quality of life for our workers and motivate them to excel every day. Our commitment to human resource development is evident in our effective training policies and efforts to improve knowledge and professional qualifications. As a result, we are proud to offer our employees stable jobs with competitive income that surpasses many other businesses in the area.

Prioritizing worker health and safety

Ensuring the health and safety of workers is our utmost priority. We create a healthy and safe environment, conduct thorough risk assessments, and take necessary steps to eliminate or minimize risks. This not only fosters a sense of safety and respect among workers but also allows them to focus wholeheartedly on their work without any distractions.

Environmental protection

Viet Home Stone prioritizes both the well-being of its workers and the preservation of the environment. In addition to providing a healthy and safe working environment, our company actively takes steps to prevent environmental degradation. Our goal is to create a green environment, combat pollution, and contribute to global benefits. We are proud to be one of the few businesses who prioritize these initiatives. By maintaining a global vision, we are dedicated to safeguarding future values for generations to come.

The serious implementation of BSCI certificate criteria ensures that workers at Viet Home Stone have the best, safest, and most equal working environment. This fosters a sense of love and motivation towards the company, encouraging them to develop creatively every day. Viet Home Stone is like a second home for each employee, providing them with the best conditions to ensure fair compensation for their efforts and pushing them to strive harder to improve themselves.

Over the past 20 years, Viet Home Stone has built a strong brand and a perfect working environment, empowering employees to voice their opinions and explore their hidden abilities. Through continuous improvement, new strategies, and increased focus on research and development, Viet Home Stone is dedicated to creating new models of better quality. By leveraging their reputation, quality natural stone products, and unique samples, they aim to secure sophisticated orders and expand into large markets such as the US and Europe. With a strong and sustainable labor force, Viet Home Stone, as a representative of the Nhat Huy Group ecosystem, takes pride and confidence in their promise to become a leading brand in the research and development of the natural stone industry.

Viet Home Stone: Your Reliable Supplier with BSCI Certification

The BSCI certificate is widely recognized as a benchmark for fair labor conditions, environmental responsibility, and ethical trade practices across global supply chains. Viet Home Stone underwent a rigorous assessment conducted by independent auditors who evaluated various aspects such as labor rights, health and safety standards, remuneration, and environmental impact. Viet Home Stone attains BSCI certification, resulting in remarkable achievements:

đŸ”·Establishment of a robust system that fosters fair and secure production conditions.

đŸ”·Streamlining of operations by reducing customer requests for social responsibility assessments, leading to significant time and cost savings.

đŸ”· Strengthening of the brand image among business partners and the community.

đŸ”·Broadening of business horizons by unlocking new opportunities and markets, including the USA and Europe.

At Viet Home Stone, we pride ourselves on being a socially responsible company. Our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices is reflected in our recent acquisition of the BSCI certificate. With a wide range of certificates under our belt, we guarantee to be your trusted supplier. Whether you’re looking for partnership opportunities or simply want to request samples, we’re here to meet your needs. Get in touch with us today to explore how we can work together.