Term of use

I. General Terms

  • Accessing our website implies your agreement to these Terms and Conditions.
  • Viet Home Stone reserves the right to modify, amend, supplement, or remove these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. Your continued use of the website after such changes are posted signifies your acceptance of those changes.
  • All content displayed on this website is the property of Viet Home Stone and is protected by Vietnamese copyright laws and international conventions. Please refrain from copying in any form.

II. Shipping Terms

  • Geographical Scope: Both domestic and international deliveries are accepted.
  • Delivery Methods: Goods will be transported according to the terms specified in the purchase and sale contract, adhering to the laws of Vietnam (for domestic orders) or international practices (Incoterms) for international orders.
  • Delivery Timeline: Viet Home Stone ensures timely delivery of goods as stipulated in the purchase and sale contract, except in cases of force majeure.
  • Responsibilities of Parties:
    • Seller: Responsible for delivering the correct quantity, quality, and within the agreed-upon timeframe. Providing relevant information and terms of shipment. Addressing issues regarding the goods reasonably.
    • Buyer: Providing accurate information, inspecting the goods upon receipt, and fulfilling obligations as per the contract.
  • Return of Goods: Only accepted in cases where the goods do not comply with the contract or have manufacturing defects.

III. Payment Terms

  • Payment Obligation: The buyer is obligated to complete all payment obligations as specified in the signed contract.
  • Payment Methods: Applicable payment methods are based on the agreement in the purchase and sale contract, complying with the laws of Vietnam (for domestic orders) or international conventions and practices (for foreign orders).

IV. Warranty Terms

  • Warranty Conditions: Applicable in cases of manufacturing defects.
  • Warranty Methods: The forms of warranty are agreed upon between the two parties based on factors such as the extent and scale of defects.
  • Warranty Process:
    • The buyer notifies the seller of the defect.
    • The seller investigates and confirms the cause of the defect.
    • The seller informs the buyer if the cause of the defect is attributable to the seller.
    • The seller and the buyer agree on the warranty method.

V. Dispute Resolution Terms

Disputes are resolved according to the laws of Vietnam (for domestic orders) and international conventions or agreements (for foreign orders).