Reasons to choose natural stone for wall cladding

Today, in interior decoration, most architects orient the spaces to a new style, which is stone wall-cladding instead of carpentry or wood paneling. According to interior consultants, using natural stones for wall cladding will contribute to completely changing the appearance and space, ensuring long-term use. Natural stone cladding offers the ideal way to give your home a distin­gu­ished, classic look and delivers several advantages over full-size pieces of stone.

Let’s find out what are the advantages of using natural stone wall cladding:

Improved Aesthetics

Natural stone cladding allows you to create the look of a stone building quickly, easily, and reliably. A wide range of colours and styles is available to suit any aesthetic taste and each stone tile is completely unique, giving them a truly authentic look.

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Enhanced Cost-Effec­tiveness

Replicating the look of natural stone can be prohibi­tively expensive when using full-sized pieces. Stone tiles cost far less and deliver the exact same look; installation is less expensive too and can be carried out using the most basic tools and skills. ­Material transpor­ta­tion costs are also reduced.

Complete Versatility

As well as being used to transform the external appearance of a property, Viet Home Stone natural stone cladding can successfully be used inside; common internal uses include fireplaces. A completely modern home can be built that still looks attractively antique using the system. In areas where full-sized stone pieces are not available due to limitations of cost or transport facilities, natural stone cladding provides an ideal solution.

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Durability at its best

Highly resistant to the elements, natural stone panels will deliver an extended service life. When used indoors for floors, fireplaces, and other appli­cations, this durability will ensure the finished result can be enjoyed without worrying about damage.

Natural stone formed over centuries, being subjected to extreme heat and pressure in the depths of the Earth, has the most outstanding durability properties. This is an important factor to confirm that this material used for wall cladding will be more effective than any other risky material.

Natural stone from Viet Home Stone

To find out more great options for using natural stone for wall cladding, check out our collection of hundreds of stone wall samples. You can also contact us directly to schedule a visit to Viet Home Stone’s factory and office in Vietnam.

Viet Home Stone is proud to be a member of Nhat Huy Group with long years of experience in manufacturing and exporting natural stones internationally. As the leading natural stone supplier in Vietnam, Nhat Huy owns many large quarries in Nghe An, Thanh Hoa, and Yen Bai provinces. This is an abundant source of raw materials for the development of Viet Home Stone.

Viet Home Stone has invested in modern machinery technologies to increase the integrity and longevity of the stone. Stone products are highly appreciated by customers for their very smooth and precise chip cuts, especially Marble Mosaic Tile and Wall Panel Stone products.

Quality control process at Viet Home Stone according to market standards

Cooperating with natural stone suppliers in Vietnam – What benefits can you receive?

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