Natural stone wall cladding for modern style

When it comes to wall materials, you can have many different options such as concrete, wood, and plastic. In addition, there will be better options for natural stone wall cladding. It has many advantages over other materials. Several types of natural stone can be used for wall panels including granite, limestone, marble, or travertine.

The first advantage for interior architectures using natural stone for wall cladding is that they have weather-resistant characteristics, are easy to install – construction, and have high aesthetics. The reasons to choose natural stone for wall cladding refer to more details at Viet Home Stone.

Different types of natural stones are used for wall cladding

When you want to use natural stone for wall cladding, you can have several options like granite, limestone, and sandstone. If you want to create an authentic and fresh look in your interior space, marble, granite, or travertine walls might be worth a try.


Granite has outstanding characteristics in terms of durability, hardness, heat resistance and the price is usually softer than marble.

Granite (granite) is very suitable for making wall stones for facades, kitchen countertops, or tiling in bathrooms because these spaces require high durability and water resistance. Although the beauty of this stone cannot be compared with marble, if using a reasonable cladding plan such as combined with stainless steel grating, stone grating, etc., will also bring a perfect and luxurious interior space.


This is a very suitable stone to be used as a living room wall stone, especially in positions such as the TV wall, the large wall behind the sofa, or a prominent wall painting.

Natural veins, diverse colors, especially the white, cream-colored stone slabs that are hard to find in granite. Marble brings a luxurious beauty that is elegant, easy to combine with other furniture.

Marble wall panel is considered a popular trend around the world today when choosing marble for exterior & interior wall cladding. This collection of hundreds of colors of marble offers a variety of choices for decorative needs such as a bathroom, living room, or garden lobby. Thanks to its natural roughness and gentle colors, marble wall panels often bring a sense of relaxed interior space, blending with nature.


Sandstone is also a great choice for wall cladding due to its low investment cost. This type of stone also has many different colors and patterns, easily adheres to new or old wall materials.

Furthermore, it can be used for both exterior as well as interior applications due to its superior rigidity, durability, and weatherproof qualities.

Travertine stone

Although the characteristics of travertine are not as outstanding as that of granite and marble, it is still worth considering choosing for wall stone items.

Areas using natural stone wall panels

Using natural stone wall cladding at the entrance to the house will create a good impression on guests. Alternatively, you can use wall cladding in your kitchen to create a gorgeous and natural setting on your walls.

When you want to use natural stone in your living room, you can create a dynamic look with thin and rectangular tiles like the marble wall panel mentioned above. Another popular application is the use of natural stone wall cladding in the bathroom. It creates an authentic look for your bathroom. You can also create a 3D effect with natural stone on any wall in the house.

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For the exterior design, you can use granite with its modern look. You can also choose to see natural stone on the stairs, and you will be amazed by the decorative style it creates.

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