New Collection Alert: Make a Stylish Statement with Viet Home Stone Marble Pavers 

Marble Pavers are beautiful, elegant, and timeless. If you are looking for a way to transform your landscape to showcase nature’s beauty and unify your property’s look, Viet Home Stone can help. We’re pleased to add marble pavers in an assortment of colors, sizes, and finishes to our stock of outdoor natural stone products.

From walkways to patios, our marble pavers can create activity areas, join spaces, and bring a sense of cohesion to your landscape. Plus, our masonry products, like retaining wall blocks, are designed to mimic natural stone for a seamless appearance perfectly. Elevate your outdoor environment with our exquisite marble pavers.

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Transform your outdoor living space with a unique marble pavers collection

Introducing our exquisite collection of marble pavers designed to elevate the elegance and sophistication of your outdoor space. Create a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor areas using marble pavers in alfresco settings. These pavers can gracefully guide you through whimsical garden paths, highlighting vibrant flowers, cozy seating areas, picturesque picnic spots, or tranquil tree-shaded retreats. Unleash your creativity and showcase your unique style with our swimming pool pavers, pool copings, and stunning wall cladding options, all overlooking your magnificent pool:

Give your space an impression and uniqueness with size 40×60 stone paving the way around the swimming pool, garden through these amazing products below:

Crystal White Marble Pavers – P0106

In the early 21st century, Vietnam gained recognition for its white marble tiles, which were exported in large quantities to the Middle East. This exquisite material, known for its endless beauty, has now been brought closer to you, specifically for your swimming pool, in the captivating Crystal White color. With its sparkling white crystals and elegant aesthetic, Crystal White is the perfect choice for modern living spaces and American design preferences.

Stormy Grey Marble Pavers- P0706

Discover the Stormy Grey Marble Pavers, presented by Viet Home Stone. This exclusive and trendy pavers showcases a stunning marble effect design in an alluring shade of grey, effortlessly adding elegance to any landscape, whether poolside or garden. With its unique blend of colors and patterns, it exudes a rare and captivating essence that elevates the appearance of any residential or commercial space. Whether you are embarking on a new construction project or giving your home a makeover, Viet Home Stone is here to guide you expertly. Our extensive selection and state-of-the-art design center ensure you will find the perfect marble pavers for indoor and outdoor projects. Trust us to turn your vision into a stunning reality.

Horizon Blue Marble Pavers – P6802

Horizon Blue

If you are looking for a high-end outdoor look with more than a surface value, consider the Horizon Blue Marble Pavers. This natural stone pavers has a high-textured, nonslip surface and emits a feeling of being close to nature. Its bright color is more vibrant than synthetic materials, and it’s sure to last longer without fading—looks that will last for years. The unique pattern of each pavers creates an overall distinctive look once installed. Plus, you can be sure your outdoor living space won’t be duplicated since no two marble pavers are alike. Installing these marble pavers isn’t only aesthetically satisfying and will increase the overall value of any residential or commercial property.

Today, Add beauty and longevity to your outdoor space with the Horizon Blue Marble Pavers from Viet Home Stone. If you want a high-end outdoor look with more than a surface value, consider the Horizon Blue Marble Pavers.

Bluestone Marble Pavers – P1106

Viet Home Stone’s Bluestone Marble Pavers is an unparalleled addition to any outdoor living space. For thousands of years, this type of stone has been used to create breathtaking and reliable pathways and courtyards in Vietnam. With its enduring beauty, strength, and color-change resistance, the Bluestone Marble Pavers stands proudly in a world saturated with lesser-quality materials. Its strong texture features mesmerizing black hues that enhance any pathway and entice your guests. In addition to its gorgeous design also boasts a high-textured surface that prevents accidents by providing a superior grip for secure footing. With so much style and safety combined, it’s no wonder why generations before us chose this marble pavers from Viet Home Stone to grace their homes!

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