Get ahead of the curve: Discover new product development process from Viet Home Stone

As the top natural stone exporter in Vietnam, Viet Home Stone takes pride in our rigorous product development process. Every product manufactured by our factory undergoes strict preparation stages before exportation to our valued customers worldwide.

We adhere to international standards for natural stone products and consult with our customers to synthesize their requirements to create the most perfect product.

Our new product development process is composed of 5 main steps, ensuring that each natural stone product undergoes a thorough and comprehensive testing process before reaching the market. At Viet Home Stone, we are committed to providing the highest quality natural stone products to our customers.

Market research to discover new product ideas

* Thorough examination of customer preferences and market trends to identify highly sought-after products.

* Analyzing designs, distributor and supplier offerings, and competitor products.

* Brainstorming, conducting in-depth research, and crafting fresh product ideas to provide customers with increased value.

Assessing Ideas: Criteria to Determine Viability

To ensure the feasibility and success of a new product, consider the following criteria when evaluating its potential:

* Novelty: Determine what makes your idea unique in comparison to other products on the market. Has it been attempted before by other manufacturers? You need to be able to answer this question clearly to consider your idea and then proceed with implementation.

* Satisfying customer needs: Your customers should be top priority. Consider whether your new product meets their needs fully and fulfills their expectations. Will customers be satisfied with what you have to offer in terms of the new product and willing to buy it?

* Competitive Edge: Evaluate how your product compares to the competition. Analyze factors such as pricing, quality, and consumer preference.

* Feasibility: To ensure a sensible business choice, your new product must align with the company’s objectives and branding while also being achievable with the available resources.

Product Development: A Comprehensive Approach

* Innovating new designs that set trends

At Viet Home Stone, we understand that key to any product’s success is its design. Our team of experts constantly work towards creating new and improved designs for our products.

* Sourcing raw materials expertly

We also pride ourselves on our vast collection of raw materials. They are sourced from our very own quarries, giving us an unparalleled advantage in the market. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality means that we are constantly discovering new colors and exclusive sources of materials, further expanding our already extensive selection.

* Provide a consistent flow of samples to customers for optimal satisfaction

We ensure that our products meet the highest standards by making samples and continuously sending them to our customers for inspection.

Product evaluation and put into production

Our proficient technical team will expertly evaluate the quality and design of new products, utilizing researched criteria to provide a comprehensive analysis. We carefully select the best products, prioritizing their competitive advantages while thoroughly addressing customer needs. Count on us to seamlessly coordinate the production process for a successful launch.

Annual product line

Exciting news for lovers of innovative home decor! Viet Home Stone releases a brand new product line every year, featuring cutting-edge design elements that offer a fresh perspective on the latest trends.

✅ 2021: 3D Ledger Stone Panel

✅ 2022: Marble Waterjet Mosaic

✅ 2023: Marble Tiles

With more than 50 unique designs and captivating colors added annually, our products promise to exceed your expectations. Let’s discover endless possibilities for designing your home with Viet Home Stone’s exquisite collection of natural stones. Visit our blog to explore a variety of options for every space in your home. Or, schedule a visit to our factory and office in Vietnam for a firsthand experience.

Vietnam marble tiles

At Viet Home Stone, we provide premium quality natural stones at competitive prices. If you’re looking for a reliable supplier for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us soon.

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