With 17 years of experience in natural stone export, Viet Home Stone of Nhat Huy Group has affirmed its brand value and service through diversified and quality natural stone products. As the leading natural stone supplier in Vietnam, owning a factory of nearly 50,000m2 with the support from member factories such as NHS, Vinaquartz under the same Nhat Huy Group, Viet Home Stone (VHS) is always at the top of the market.

VHS owns many collections and types of natural stone with enough quantity to meet large orders, about 50 conts/month.

Marble Mosaic is one of the main products of Viet Home stone besides wall panels and pavers. With a high aesthetic appearance and quality natural stone materials, the mosaic stone is becoming a trend that customers are interested in.

In early 2022, Viet Home Stone launched a new Quartz Mosaic collection when adding more mosaic designs from quartz stone and upgrading production technology, promising to bring more choices and satisfaction to global customers.

What is the mosaic stone?

Mosaic is one of the decorative art forms by creating images from putting together small pieces.

In the interior, the mosaic stone is a decorative product created by artistic installation from small pieces of original natural stone to become unique, aesthetic, and high artistic products.

A mosaic stone is composed of 2 main layers, including:

– A layer of natural stone: This layer is the main surface of the mosaic stone, consisting of many small natural stones, made mainly of natural marble and created by stone cutting technology at the factory.

– A layer of bonding mesh: This thin mesh holds the task of bonding smaller mosaic stones to form larger mosaics/stones and, from there, creating conditions for the movement and the construction of tiling easier.

VH001White Polished Basket Weave Quartz MosaicVH002White Polished Brick Quartz MosaicVH003White Polished Diamond Quartz Mosaic

The new Quartz Mosaic collection 2022 – The most novel and unique combination ever

Quartz Mosaic is Viet Home Stone’s latest collection for 2022. Quartz Mosaic promises to exude luxury at first sight when the material of this collection is a unique and beautiful blend of the finest elements. High-grade minerals include technical Quartz materials: White and natural marble materials: Black and white, Blue Stone, Gray Silver, and Cloudy Clouds. These beautiful crystals are entirely one-of-a-kind and will help absorb negative energies to bring users new sensations.

Viet Home Stone’s Quartz Mosaic 2022 collection – the most novel and unique combination ever when it includes outstanding advantages such as:

– The combination of High-grade Engineered Quartz material and beautiful Vietnamese Natural Stones will bring a luxurious and fresh space.

– Combine with Quartz Kitchen Countertops to create uniformity for the space

– Tariff incentives: No anti-dumping tax

– Unique: diverse designs combined with natural stone

– Application: Indoor (Backsplash, bathroom, accent wall)

– Reasonable price: In the Quartz Mosaic 2022 collection, although enhanced in materials and design, we still ensure affordable and competitive prices because we are supported with quartz materials from the NHS factory (Nhat Huy Stone Fabrication), which also belongs to the Nhat Huy Group, so it will always be proactive in input materials.

Check out some of the latest sample images from the Mosaic Quartz 2022 collection:

Quartz Mosaic:

VH004 – White Polished Hexagon Quartz Mosaic
VH005 – White Black Dot Polished Octagon Quartz Mosaic
VH006 – Black Polished Picket Hexagon Quartz Mosaic
VH007 – Leopard Vein and Ocean Vein Quartz Polished Mosaic
VH008 – White Quartz Square Mosaic

Quartz Mix Marble:

VH011 – White quartz and Silver Gray Marble Interlocking Polished Mosaic
VH012 – White Quartz and Black Marble Interlocking Polished Mosaic
VH013 – White Quartz and Wooden Vein Marble Brick Mosaic
VH014 – White Quartz and Black Marble Square Mosaic
VH015 – White Quartz and Ocean Gray Marble Mosaic
VH016 – White and Black Quartz, Milky White Marble Mosaic
VH017 – White Quartz and Wooden Vein Herringbone Mosaic

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