Different types of stone wall cladding

The beauty of natural stone cladding is that it brings a personalized and unique touch to any space. As it’s extremely versatile, it can be used both on exterior facades as well as for interior decoration. 

While there are several varieties of stones that can be used for wall cladding, some types are more versatile and easier to apply than others. In India, granite, sandstone and slate are the most common choices for stone wall cladding. Marble is another option for areas that require a sophisticated finish. These natural stones come in a range of colours and sizes, including smaller slabs or rounded stones for a more rustic look for the exterior walls.Let’s look at the different ways in which stone wall cladding can be used indoors and outdoors.

1.  Stone wall cladding with 3D effect

Instead of opting for plain cladding, one can create a unique visual effect by applying the stone tiles to create a 3D effect. Don’t forget to install a lighting system that casts shadows to enhance the effect of the indoor or outdoor stone tile wall. Our 3D wall cladding is a cost-effective stone to use to achieve this effect. It is durable and can withstand exposure to natural elements.

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2. Exterior stone wall cladding

On the façade, natural stone cladding always adds a charming feature. This example shows how a single wall with natural stone complements the façade of a house with a modern architectural style.

3. Stone wall cladding for the living room

Even in a house that blends the classic and the modern styles, natural stone wall cladding can be used creatively along with lighting to bring a stunning glow that adds a touch of intimacy to the ambiance.

4. Stone wall cladding panels as room dividers

Although it’s ideal for a country-style home, stone wall cladding can be used to partition indoor spaces even in modern apartments. The combination of neutral earthy tones, light-toned stone and wood bring ample charm to the home.

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5. Decorative stone wall cladding for balconies, terraces and patios

Outdoor areas, especially those with barbecue zones, are a great place for wall cladding. When using stone for walls outdoors, choosing a dark colour that resembles brick brings cohesiveness to the functionality and the beauty of the area.

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6. Stone wall cladding for the bathroom

Using wall cladding as a single decorative element in a room can still work towards creating a memorable effect. In the bathroom, they are a great alternative as they can be combined with wood, concrete and stones in different shades.

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Stone wall cladding is among the most affordable solutions for elevating the style of a room without spending too much. In Vietnam, natural stone can be locally sourced to reduce its environmental impact and to keep transportation costs low. 

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