Cooperating with natural stone suppliers in Vietnam – What benefits can you receive?

Natural stone can come from any country in the world and the type of natural stone is determined by its origin. The current sourcing of natural stone not only stops at the domestic market, businesses also look to buy stone materials from many countries around the world to reduce costs and diversify products.

Vietnam now is one of the most dynamic emerging countries in East Asia region. Vietnam has various natural resources including forest, sea and mineral resources, especially natural stones. Choosing stone suppliers in the group of countries with low production & labor costs such as Vietnam will help minimize capital investment and maximize profits. 

Let’s analyze in more detail the benefits that businesses can receive when cooperating with a natural stone supplier in Vietnam.

1. Always ensure the supply in large quantities & high quality

Vietnam is considered a country with diverse mineral resources, large natural stone output with more than 5000 stone quarries. Besides, Vietnam Marble has confirmed the quality and many good properties compared to other types of Marble in the region in terms of hardness – high durability, the surface is not easily scratched, less wear and tear over the years, good water resistance, high weather resistance. In particular, Vietnamese marble with dolomite content can be exploited to be used in the metallurgical industry.

Currently, Viet Home Stone can supply the international market with many types of marble exploited in Vietnam with diverse colors, especially the company’s strength is the white marble types quarried in different quarries in Thanh Hoa and Nghe An with high reserves. Marble is exploited and processed by Viet Home Stone to produce many different finished products such as mosaics, wall panel, paving stone etc with polished surface, honed,… to meet the diverse needs of the domestic market and international.

2. Production plants are certified according to the international standards

With large-scale natural stone manufacturers, stone suppliers in Vietnam have to invest in modern production and processing factories. For example, a leading natural stone exporter in Vietnam is Viet Home Stone – a member of Nhat Huy Group. With 17+ year experience in the stone industry, the company owns many big stone quarries in Nghe An and Thanh Hoa. Nhat Huy Group also has 3 factories with a total area of ​​up to 80,000 m2 and productivity of more than 150 cont/month.

  • Viet Home Stone Factory: 50,000 m2 
  • Thanh Xuan Marble 1, 2: 30,000 m2 

Natural stone is one of the products that requires very high technical precision not only because of its application in construction but also because of its extremely demanding aesthetics. Therefore, VHS – Vietnam’s natural stone factory has invested in a smart factory model with a modern production line system, so the stone product is assessed to have a very smooth and accurate chip cut. Moreover, Viet Home Stone is certified according to the following standards: ISO 9001: 2015, done CE certificate, SGS certificate,.. and passed international audit for supermarket request.

3. Reasonable and economical quotation for each item

Due to possessing abundant natural stone quarries, most of Vietnam’s natural stone suppliers have strong financial strength because they own a system of member companies dealing in a variety of products made from stone in the export chain.

Nhat Huy Group has used technology to create a chain of application of raw materials where the finished product of one factory is the input material of another factory. All of the group’s products, from limestone, ultra-fine CaCO3 powder, filler masterbatch, and natural marble products, are composed of 80% CaCO3 material exploited from the company’s quarries. Thanks to those advantages, Viet Home Stone could control the quality of our materials to produce marble stone products with stability quality and lower the cost for final products.

Cheap labor cost is also a factor that makes Viet Home Stone able to supply high quality products with the best FOB price. All factories are located in mountainous areas with a lot of cheap labor. The cost of human resources is not too high compared to that of Western European countries along with the use of modern machinery lines, reducing redundant labor costs and using the flexibility of machines.

4. Committed to ensuring safe packing and loading

When the natural stone products have been completed, they will be carefully checked for quality and carefully packaged before entering the long-term transportation process. Products are wrapped carefully, stacked together in wooden pallets, kept upright during transportation. They are put into containers. Due to the large weight, the containers may not be fully filled, but the stone products will be loaded depending on the weight limit, this ensures safe transportation as well as the product quality is guaranteed throughout the journey.

The advantages of marine resources and sea trade make Vietnam’s natural stone suppliers always confident in shipping orders to foreign partners on time. The transportation process is focused on ensuring the perfect quality of goods from packing at the factory to moving into containers and throughout the journey to the customer.

5. Great experience with professional staff & service

Viet Home Stone is always proud to own excellent staff in terms of specialist expertise as well as professional working style. Our engineers, operators, sales staff have long-term sales and production management experience. In addition, our R&D team always researches and develops in order to create breakthrough products, anticipate the trend of serving the market, and affirm the value of the Vietnamese brand.

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