Introduction To The Advantages And Applications Of Marble Mosaic

What are mosaics?

The use of mosaics was considered fashionable in the urban environment of the 1960s and 1970s. This style consists of materials (stones, marbles, tiles, etc.) arranged next to each other, sometimes in their natural color and sometimes processed, and placed on a broad surface. When these materials form a particular visage or landscape, they are defined as mosaics, a form of almost perpetual technological decoration with a history of 4,000 years.

During the first decade of 2000, the use of mosaics was avoided since they were considered as outdated aesthetics. In the last few years, however, they have dynamically returned, reviving more and more imaginative applications on walls, in kitchens, bathrooms and exterior spaces.

The applications of marble mosaics in modern architecture

According to an unwritten rule, all fashion trends are getting recycled. In recent years, of course, the trend has come back at a particularly dynamic pace, since the newest style of interior decoration favors the combination of natural and artificial elements.

When we refer to a combination of natural and artificial materials, the most common choices are those centered on marble. Marble has proven to be a material that meets the specifications of designers, architects and decorators, which is why they adopt and propose marble mosaics in many of their projects.

With the help of technology, the production processes of marble mosaics now allow the manufacture of many different geometric designs and in many different dimensions. This gives each designer the ability to incorporate marble mosaics into every decorative style, such as classic, modern, minimalist, industrial, etc.

More specifically, marble mosaics can be found in outdoor and indoor environments, such as shopping malls, hotel lobbies, offices, homes and even furniture. In particular, marble mosaics are applied as wall coverings, in bathrooms, kitchens, fireplaces, stairs, etc.

The advantages of using marble mosaics

Once a marble mosaic is installed in any space, be it a kitchen, bathroom, wall, etc., it immediately adds a significant aesthetic value. It is a visual interruption that reflects the style of the work, sometimes minimalist and industrial design, while other times colorful and rich.

The advantages of marble mosaics are naturally associated with the marble material itself. We can therefore reasonably see a number of advantages:

They change the atmosphere of the space

Nothing compares to the aesthetic of natural materials. In the case of marble mosaics, the unbelievably wide variety of designs, colors, dimensions and treatments, but also the pure radiance that marble exhibits as a material, offers an undeniable beauty, changing and bringing to life the space in which it is installed, thanks to their uniqueness.

They enrich the decor & give visual interest

Marble mosaics are the element that every designer can use to harmoniously unite decorative elements, enlarge, reduce, enliven or calm a space, adding elegance to the overall appearance of the work, but also unique visual interest.

They have durability & long life

One of the main characteristics of marble mosaics is their exceptional durability and therefore, their long lifespan.

Satisfy every design requirement

The use of high technology in the production of marble mosaics, allows marble suppliers to be flexible and create any shape and design, in any dimension, with one or more combination of materials.

They reflect light

One of the reasons why many people choose marble mosaics and especially light-colored ones is the natural property of marble to reflect light. The reflective property of marble, as a material, offers a sense of spaciousness and makes indoor spaces look brighter.

They are extremely insulating materials

Depending on the size of the surface they may cover, marble mosaics can act as highly insulating materials. They manage to remain cool, even under direct sunlight, during the summer, while maintaining the temperature during the winter.

They are environmentally friendly

Marble mosaics are environmentally friendly, precisely because they come from the environment itself. This is why, as nature’s materials, they differ considerably from other industrial materials that may contain harmful substances.

They add value to the space

Marble mosaics add value to whatever space they are placed in. This is due both to the value that the marble material adds on its own, as well as to the significant value that mosaics add. Since their historical origins, mosaics have adapted to modern times and largely reflect the personality and character of the space or its owners.

Marble Mosaics in Viet Home Stone

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