Introducing The Flourish Collection

This month, be whisked off your feet and transported to a field of flowers. Flourish is a new and unique collection of mosaics based on the abstract beauty of botanical shapes and patterns.

After a trip to the flower market in Boston, our lead designer, Ashley Trap was inspired to create her own mosaic bouquet: 

 I take “inspiration trips” before conceptualizing any kind of series so that I can study the subject matter up-close, and to gather some solid reference photos/samples. When we started planning the Flourish collection, our design team took a trip with the camera in hand, to the Boston Flower market before work.  Later that morning, we showed up to work with a few orchids, a cactus, hundreds of photos, and a ton of ideas about the direction of our floral inspired designs. The very first concept sketches were quite representational images of traditional flowers, but as we went through the manyrounds of edits, they transformed into super abstracted compositions! Our 3/8″ tile was perfect for capturing the detail of these complex shapes, and we have some great warm colors and greens that I was thrilled to be able to use throughout this collection. Creating the Flourish collection gave me a whole new perspective on Flowers, and I definitely look a little bit closer at them after this whole experience. I can’t wait to see how other designers will take this collection and customize it to fit into their spaces! – Ashley Trap.

The collection offers 12 highly customizable designs to choose from and can be altered to fit any space, residential or commercial. Many of these designs are repeating and can easily be cropped, flipped, or inverted, to seamlessly transform a space into a living wall that never needs watering.  Whether it is a massive attention-grabbing feature wall in a lobby or a personal accent to a residential home, these designs are easily versatile.

Over 50 color combinations are featured in this collection, making the matching possibilities limitless.  Artaic’s versatile 3/8” vitreous glass tile is not only a clean and functional surface finish, but it is also perfect for capturing the delicate nuances of the ornamental designs featured in this collection. Each color is available in three finishes- standard glossy, metallic, and opalescent, which can all be combined together as another luxurious multi-finish option.

The design potential within the Flourish Collection is limited only to the imagination and offers an endless array of application possibilities for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

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