How many colors of natural stone does Viet Home Stone have?

Natural Stone in Viet Nam

The timeless beauty and quality of Natural Stone is evident in many of the ancient ruins we can still enjoy today were constructed using Natural Stone such as travertine. The natural colours, textures and patterns vary from surface to surface, making each instalment unique.

Natural Stone accounts for a great portion of natural resources in Viet Nam. The beauty of our stone satisfies the strictest customer. Recently, more and more natural stones are used under constructions like skyscrapers, hotels and homes as well. Thousands of containers are exported to over the world every month.

How many colors of natural stone does Viet Home Stone have?

Natural stone comes in an endless variety of colors. At Viet Home Stone, we offer a range of hot colors such as: White (Crystal white, Milky white), Black (Crystal black, Bluestone), Grey, Yellow and Multicolor.

1. White color

In a few past years, white elements have become a must-have when it comes to interior design. White stone materials are the best choice for bench tops and vanity basins, but there are also various wall and floor tiles available. Commonly found in both the kitchen and the bathroom or luxurious open-space living rooms. In Viet Nam, more than 70 huge pure white marble quarries are located in the 11 north regions and they are the highest quality white stone quarries in the world. There are two kind of white colors: Crystal White & Milky White.

  • Crystal White from Vietnam has virtually no variations and is primarily white. It is available in both slabs and tiles of varying sizes. It is recommended for both residential and commercial projects including flooring, countertops and walls.
  • Milky White is a light stone with beige patches and veining which provides a sense of purity and perfection to the architectural design. From the modern to traditional aesthetic this elegant and sophisticated natural stone is the perfect complement to any design. Available in slabs and tile.

2. Black color

Black stone is a natural that is a very reliable and classic material, perfect for when you want something different and memorable, like making a special design statement. In fact, the beauty of black stone is so magnificent that it’s perfect for evoking feelings of timelessness and pure nostalgia. They are often used for countertops, kitchen floors, showers and walls, patios and pool decks, garden stepping stones, building columns, kitchen backsplashes, vanities, and many other environments and areas. There are two kinds of black stone: Crystal black & Bluestone

  • Crystal black features a dark obsidian background. It offers the aesthetic advantages of natural stone and has better flexibility, which makes it highly attractive for a wide range of uses.
  • Bluestone is a hard limestone that is derived from sedimentary rocks. Vietnamese bluestone has high hardness, withstand severe weather such as temperature below zero and water resistance (0.04%). Bluestone is suitable for paving, garden paths, sidewalks and many other applications.

3. Grey Color

Grey Stone is a midtone, warm, stormy grey with an ebony undertone. It is a perfect color stone for all main walls, an accent wall or bathroom, fireplaces, counters and floors and exterior applications as well.

4. Yellow Color

Yellow Stone offers a touch of differentiation due to its uniqueness and oriental connotations. This color imparts warmth and calmness, make it an ideal option for today’s casual, serene and comfortable environments. It is used for interior and exterior designs.

5. Multicolor

It comes in a variety of colors and stylish patterns, which make it into one of the most versatile and trendy stones of all. A truly beautiful natural stone with many colors and patterns to choose from. This stone is especially good for Wall and floor applications, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool and wall capping, stairs, window sills and other design projects.

About Viet Home Stone

Nhat Huy Group was established in 2004 in Hanoi and then in 2007, Viet Home Stone was established with access to abundant and high quality stone sources in Central Vietnam with an estimated reserve of millions of tons.

As a leading natural stone exporter in Vietnam, Nhat Huy Group has owned natural stone quarries and factories at Nghe An – the center of the biggest and highest quality stone quarries in Viet Nam and over the world – with a total area of about 60.000 square meter.

•             Viet Home Stone Factory: 45000 m2

Output: 60 conts / month

Production line: 50 machines & updating

Worker: 350 people

•             Thanh Xuan Marble 1, 2: 15000 m2

Output: 30 conts / month

Production line: Full Sets

Worker: 200 workers

Our strong products include: Mosaic Marble tile, Stone wall cladding, paving stone, and landscape stone. Our partners include stone supermarket chains, manufacturers, contractors and large trading companies. Currently, Viet Home Stone as well as Nhat Huy Group always expand the opportunity for comprehensive development cooperation for partners with attractive price policies and agent policies.

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