Feel the power of Viet Home Stone at Coverings 2023

Get ready to be impressed by the natural stone industry’s latest event – Coverings 2023. 

With over 1,000 exhibitors from 40 countries, including 20,000 professionals from various industries, this year’s edition was a huge success. And Viet Home Stone did not disappoint as one of the Vietnamese representatives showcasing our innovative and modern natural stone products at Booth 3492.

Our fantastic performance caught the attention of over 600 large US-based manufacturers, fabricators, and wholesalers who visited the booth for consultation. Our booth 3492 secured ten contracts on-site while distributing hundreds of free samples to partners.

Want to learn the secret behind Viet Home Stone’s remarkable numbers? Keep reading for a closer look at our incredible efforts at Coverings 2023.

1.Product quality exceeds expectations

Visiting our booth 3492 at Covering 2023, the customers were immediately struck by the incredible quality of Viet Home Stone’s natural stone samples. From marble to pavers stone or stone panel, each piece had rare textures and unique variations that set them apart from their competitors. With a rich cultural background, Vietnamese natural stones add a touch of elegance to any indoor or outdoor design project. What’s more, Viet Home Stone’s meticulous attention to detail and quality control is reflected in every stone panel on display at the event. Choose Viet Home Stone for unbeatable quality and stunning natural stone products.

2. Brilliant Colors and Exquisite Patterns

Viet Home Stone’s natural stone products are not only impressive for quality, but also for  the diverse range of colors and patterns. Our collection of granite, marble, and wall cladding is extensive, featuring classic white and black tones as well as unique shades like blue and yellow. 

Surprisingly, our Marble products have quickly become a customer favorite due to their stunning colors and exceptional quality. Try a free sample today and witness their radiance for yourself!

3. Discover the Perfection of Creativity with Viet Home Stone

Experience the constant innovation of natural stone products at Viet Home Stone. Our state-of-the-art factory and testing room are where we research, cut, and polish new products to perfection. See our latest and highest-quality treated natural stone samples with matte, non-glossy appearances at Coverings Orlando. These stunning finishes are perfect for contemporary and modern furniture design, catering to the changing needs and trends of interior designers.

4. Outstanding Customer Service

At Coverings 2023, Viet Home Stone stood out from the crowd with our exceptional customer service. Our team of skilled experts are knowledgeable about our products and are dedicated to providing you with the information and solutions you need. 

But we don’t stop there. We also pride ourselves on creating a unique and memorable experience for our customers at our booth. You’ll be transported to Vietnam with our traditional cultural decorations and enjoy sampling our delicious specialties and souvenirs. 

5. Competitive price

In addition to the standout service, Viet Home Stone’s natural stones were competitively priced compared to other suppliers from China, Turkey, India, and more. Our commitment to using domestically-sourced materials and optimizing production costs for the benefit of both parties makes us an attractive choice for any project.

Overall, Viet Home Stone’s performance at Coverings 2023 left a lasting impression. Our high-quality natural stone and dedication to customer service make a strong contender for any project in the furniture and construction industry. Keep an eye on us for future products and innovations.