Don’t miss the opportunity to experience Viet Home Stone’s booth in COVERINGS 2023!

We’re Viet Home Stone, a member of Nhat Huy Group, the leading natural stone exporter in Vietnam. We proudly announce that we will attend the Coverings 2023 Exhibition in Orlando, Florida, which will take place from Apr 18 to Apr 21, 2023

At this exhibition, Viet Home Stone will introduce to attendees our unique and best-selling products, guaranteed to satisfy all your requirements. We are pleased to welcome you to experience our booth according to the information below and promise not to disappoint you with what we have to offer:

Venue: Coverings 2023 Exhibition, Orlando, Florida

Date:Apr 18 – Apr 21, 2023

Booth No:3492

A simulation booth at our factory

We sincerely invite distributors, R&D partners, and anyone interested in mosaics marble and wall cladding to visit our booth for further communications. It would be a great pleasure to meet you at the exhibition. Our sales specialists will be there to answer any questions and requests about our product lines and services, with an abundant offering of product samples for your reference. We are excited to offer FREE samples for trial so that you can make an informed decision about our products before purchasing.

What interesting awaits you at our booth?

Visitors coming to our booth have the chance to observe our special products and experience and engage in Vietnamese culture. We will be sure to surprise you with a variety of traditional cultural expressions and attributes.

Let’s explore and experience these unique things together, and you will not be disappointed!

Vietnam is increasingly becoming a tourist and business destination, yet its culture may still be unknown to many outside the country. To gain a greater understanding of this unique nation, travelers and business professionals are encouraged to explore the many facets of Vietnam’s cultural history and traditions. 

Ao Dai

Vietnamese women have had a strong affinity with the iconic Ao Dai. This traditional garment signifies elegance and has been a part of Vietnamese culture for centuries. It is widely used by all social classes, from urban to rural citizens, in formal and everyday activities. Ao Dai is a proud symbol of Vietnamese femininity and its long-enduring heritage.

Vietnamese Conical Hat

Non la (palm-leaf conical hat) is a traditional symbol of Vietnamese people without age, sex, or racial distinctions.

Vietnam has a long history of traditional costumes, with Non la being one of the most popular styles. It’s said to originate from a legend about rice growing in Vietnam. According to the story, a giant woman from the sky protected humankind from a deluge of rain by wearing a hat made of four round leaves. The people showed gratitude for her protection by building a temple dedicated to her as the Rain-shielding Goddess. From this tale comes the traditional Non la attire.

Vietnamese culture is enriched by Non la, a conical hat crafted from palm leaves. This iconic image has become strongly associated with the lifestyle of peasants and boat people across Vietnam. The traditional hat is worn by people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds and serves as an important cultural symbol in Vietnam.

Vietnamese coffee

Especially when you come to our booth, you also have the opportunity to receive many special gifts, including coffee – rated as one of the best drinks in the world. In the Vietnamese mind, it is a source of energy and a part of their habits and lifestyle. At any time, people can go to a coffee shop and read the newspaper, surf the net, or study. When they come to Vietnam, many of our customers are very excited to receive this special gift and fall in love with this drink like they would with an exotic young new friend and then attempt to bring it back home. 

It is important to remember that Vietnamese coffee is more than just a beverage. It transcends mere liquid refreshment and embodies an attitude of reflective contemplation. Unlike many other typical caffeinated beverages, one cannot simply gulp down Vietnamese coffee–instead, it must be savored to be properly enjoyed. You need time, patience, and complete and utter devotion to appreciate the brew as you watch it painstakingly trickle down, drop by drop, into the glass.

🔷 Viet Home Stone – Trusted suppliers of natural stone from Vietnam

Viet Home Stone – a member of Nhat Huy Group, is a leading marble manufacturer and exporter worldwide. With a committed research and development team, we offer the following:

– The best Marble Mosaic collections with various colors up to customer requirements at the best price & high quality for domestic consumption and exportation.

– High-quality packing meets US export standards. 

– Our professional production management ability ensures on-time delivery, especially with large orders.

👉  If you want to find natural stone products that satisfy your needs and have the opportunity to understand more about Vietnamese culture, do not hesitate to visit Viet Home Stone as well as Nhat Huy Group’s booth; you will not regret it. We are very excited to have a chance to welcome you here! 

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