Design inspiration: 7 chic styles from our exclusive Wooden Mosaic Collection

Introducing our elegant Wooden Mosaic Collection – a stunning fusion of warm whites and natural wooden tones carefully crafted into stylish geometric patterns. This exquisite collection adds a touch of sophistication to any space in your home.

From beautiful marble accent walls to functional kitchen backsplashes, luxurious shower surrounds, and elegant flooring, our WOODEN MOSAIC COLLECTION creates a timeless elegance wherever it is installed. Join us as we showcase seven chic styles from this special collection.

A perfect way to add style: Wooden Mosaic Collection

T0601289 – Premium Wooden Vein Marble Tile

Elevate your space with our exquisite Premium Wooden Vein Marble Tile, named for its stunning natural veining that resembles the grain of wood. These unique veins are complemented by random fault lines, formed when sediments entered and solidified within the limestone mountain. With its neutral and inviting warm-grey tones, this tile is a versatile and highly sought-after option. The Wooden Tile creates captivating atmospheres, where the passage of time reveals unexpected surfaces that highlight the beauty of their natural simplicity.

M0601540 – Wooden White Octagon Mosaic

Add a luxurious and stylish option for your next interior design project with M0601540 – Wooden White Octagon Mosaic. This stunning piece is crafted from the finest marble material and features a pattern created with a combination of wooden and white colors. Its unique octagon shape makes it an eye-catching design centerpiece when installed as a flooring or wall cladding solution. With the timeless appeal, it is ideal for any interior décor from modern to classic. Whether you’re looking to recreate a grand classic or add an elegant touch to your existing décor, the M0601540 – Wooden White Octagon Mosaic is the perfect choice.

M0601210- Wooden White Bar Mosaic

Bring classical sophistication to your walls, floors, and indoor decorations with the M0601210 Wooden White Bar Mosaic. This premium marble mosaic tile is crafted from a stunning combination of wood-style inlays and marble-style white coloring that will elevate your interior design. The tiles are customizable in size, allowing you to create a truly unique design feature for your home. Create stunning visual appeal indoors with this top of the line product. Make a lasting impression with the M0601210- Wooden White Bar Mosaic and enjoy it for years to come.

M0601405 – Wooden White Herringbone Mix Chip Mosaic

Make an elegant statement in your home or office with the M0601405 Wooden White Herringbone Mix Chip Mosaic. Constructed from marble and a beautiful blend of wooden and white, this unique herringbone-patterned mosaic creates a delicate feeling of closeness to nature in any decor scheme. Perfect for wall cladding, flooring and indoor decoration, this polished piece is anti-fouling and easy to clean. With its unique design, this mosaic is perfect for those seeking a luxurious touch of natural feeling in their home or office. Make a statement with the M0601405 Wooden White Herringbone Mix Chip Mosaic today.

M0601441 – Wooden White Geomatric Mosaic

Step into a world of opulence and sophistication with the M0601441 – Wooden White Geometric Mosaic. Made from the finest natural stone, this mosaic boasts a timeless combination of wooden and white hues, adding a touch of natural warmth and luxury to any room. Its geometric shape takes inspiration from modern design trends, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a contemporary and refined aesthetic. Let its timeless charm imbue your surroundings with a sense of grandeur and refinement that will leave a lasting impression. Elevate your interior design to new heights and create a space that is truly extraordinary.

M0601204 – Brick Wooden White Marble Mosaic

For a stylish interior décor look, the M0601204 – Brick Wooden White Marble Mosaic is the perfect choice. Combining wooden and white materials crafted in a brick pattern, this mosaic will bring a modern aesthetic to any environment. This classic brick design is a popular choice in the US market and is great for adding texture to your wall cladding, flooring, or any other indoor decoration. Crafted from high-quality marble, this mosaic is strong and durable, ensuring it will continue to look great for years to come. Add the M0601204 Brick Wooden White Marble Mosaic to your interior décor today and give your space a unique and timeless touch.

M0601523 – Diamond Wooden White Marble Mosaic

Capture the attention and admiration of your guests with the M0601523 – Diamond Wooden White Marble Mosaic, a true masterclass in elegance and sophistication. This mesmerizing mosaic is a testament to timeless beauty. With a charming combination of wooden and white tones, this stunning mosaic effortlessly captures the essence of nature’s elegance. The unique diamond shape adds a touch of modernity to this classic design, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a contemporary twist on traditional aesthetics. Versatile and adaptable, this marble mosaic seamlessly fits into any space, whether it’s as a captivating wall cladding, a luxurious flooring, or a mesmerizing accent piece for indoor decoration.

Get ready to be mesmerized by our Wooden Mosaic Collection

Wooden Mosaic Collection invites you to embrace its timeless elegance and natural beauty. From the classic lines of the wooden white geomatric to the captivating herringbone pattern, each design showcases the versatility and sophistication of marble. Elevate your kitchen backsplash, bathroom floors, or accent walls with these luxurious marble mosaic tiles. Let our collection be your guide to harmonizing classic charm and contemporary appeal in every corner of your home.

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